Aymara Green Tea Leaf Butterfly Cufflinks

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Aymara Green Tea Leaf Butterfly Cufflinks
Aymara Green Tea Leaf Butterfly Cufflinks
Aymara Green Tea Leaf Butterfly Cufflinks
Aymara Green Tea Leaf Butterfly Cufflinks
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Approx. 1 1/8'' x 3/4''
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Sterling Silver 950
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Fixed back closure
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8.4g (0.297oz)
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2 pieces (1 pair)
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These Aymara Green Tea Leaf Butterfly Cufflinks are recognized by the widths of the orange and black vary, each cufflink is one of a kind and will add a hint of natural, texturized color to your suit jacket. The cufflinks are made from real Thyridia Psidii butterfly wings, which are then enameled over, and set in leaf-shaped Peruvian Sterling Silver. Whereas many teas are fermented, green tea as a substitute is steamed soon after being picked in order to stop the oxidation of its leaves. The delicate green colors of the wings from these hyaline creatures will add a charming glass-look to your cuffs. Each cufflink displays the intricacies of the translucent wings and is truly one of a kind. Your purchase will support the only butterfly sanctuary in Peru, The Pilpintuwasi Orphanage, whose aims are the carry-over and development of each species. Thyridia Psidii is normally lowland butterflies, found in wet rainforest, and is generally come across individually or in group of two or three. Shortly after dawn both sexes undertake short migration, flying across rivers, especially over the Rio Madre de Dios in Peru. During these flights in the dry season, they periodically pause to spend a few minutes neutering at herbaceous plants on riverbanks or in forest glades. In the wild Amazon, they can be seen flutter about in small light gaps in the interiors of the forest, where go down trees have opened the awning and permitted shafts of sunlight to pass through.



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