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3/4" diameter
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Cufflinks Inc
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Bullet back closure
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A true icon of the computer age. DVD/CD cufflinks provide a subtle reminder of your inner techie. Enamel and nickel plated. Approximately it will measure 3/4" diameter and comes with the Bullet back closure. When exactly did people start appreciating the technological advancement of our generation? When did the term storage device acquire a whole new meaning in terms of innovation? It was probably around the time compact discs started making the rounds in the mass market. Yes, it’s true. There came a time when using computers stopped being nerdy and one of the things that helped is that one of the most popular storage devices didn’t look like a boring, square piece of plastic anymore. Behold the compact disc! You saw how sleek and shiny it was and the feeling that came with it was the equivalent of giving a girly girl a piece of sparkly jewelry. Well, in guy world, you don’t have to feel emasculated by that metaphor because your favorite storage device can now be integrated with your sense of style! Everywhere you look nowadays; it’s always vintage, vintage, and more vintage. Whatever happened to platinum shoes and silver jackets? Oh, right. It’s all because of the phenomena called the fashion cycle. But if you’re stuck in that Y2K era and need something to show for it, a pair of CD cufflinks is the ideal accessory for you. Check out the artificial light waves making these cufflinks look like authentic CD’s! Someone might even ask you if someone made CD’s as tiny as these. It has an enamel and nickel plating with a bullet back closure showcasing its classy and chic aspects making you the envy of the crowd. It’s always fun to mix and match but these CD cufflinks can go with almost anything. It’s perfect for a business meeting, formal dinner or even a casual get together with friends. You can also give these as a gift to someone who really appreciated the techie age of the new millennium. Cufflink size: 3/4" in diameter. It is CD and DVD storage futuristic cufflink which is made available for the music lover.



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