Fireman Insignia Cufflinks

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Fireman Insignia Cufflinks
Fireman Insignia Cufflinks
Fireman Insignia Cufflinks
Fireman Insignia Cufflinks
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(3/4" x 3/4")
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Fine Men's Jewelry
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3D Zinc Alloy
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Antique Silver
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Bullet Back
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It is Fireman Insignia Cufflinks. It will take a lot of daring, heart and true dedication in order to be a fireman. As a result, firemen often risk their own lives in order to save complete strangers from dangerous situations. If you are a fireman, or you have a friend or a family member who is a fireman, perhaps you should invest in a pair of Fireman Insignia cufflinks. These incredibly stunning cufflinks were handcrafted from pure sterling silver and designed to resemble a real fireman insignia. There are three definite symbols associated with firemen on the face of the cufflink, including a fire hydrant, a fire engine, and a stepladder. The design is absolutely flawless and any fireman would love to wear these Fireman Insignia cufflinks with pride. Each cufflink was hand-polished for a gentle shine, and sealed with a protective glossy coating for preservation. A lot of firemen don’t seek accolades or recognition for the work that they do, day in and day out. But sometimes it’s important to wear your bravery on your sleeve literally. These unique Fireman Insignia cufflinks will let everyone know that you are proud to be a fireman, and that you are willing to put your life aside for the sake of someone else. Whenever you venture out to a black tie affair or a formal function, you can wear these Fireman Insignia cufflinks proudly. After all, even firemen have to get dressed up every now and again. Presentation box is included in it.



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